Services That are Provided by Family Lawyers

08 Oct

 The law helps to solve family issues that are beyond what love in the family can solve.  The services of family lawyers are for family cases only because that is what they specialize in. Family law attorneys can be hired because of these reasons. Click here for more information.

You will need divorce lawyers to help you share the property with the ex-spouse who is not being cooperative.  They can act in the capacity of negotiators or legal representatives in court for such cases. They will ensure that their clients are fairly and equitably settled after the divorce.  When you have a prenuptial or postnuptial, it will be easier for you to get a fair share of the property. 

 It is not bad to prepare yourself in case a divorce happens even if you plan to live forever happily ever after with your spouse. You need legal advice from a lawyer before you get married. You will need a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement before or after you get married respectively  to guide you on how to share the assets you have before and after marriage when you decide to divorce.

 If you are not the biological parent of the child but you are seeking custody of the child hire a family law attorney.  The other remaining spouse has no right to prevent the parents of the deceased partner from visiting the children unless in unique circumstances like protecting the children from harm that may be caused to them by the grandparent. If non parent harms the child, exposes the child to danger or neglects the basic needs of the child, custody can be revoked and given to another non parent. You can also seek third party custody if the parents are alive, but they abuse or neglect their children.


 When you need to adopt a child, you need an adoption lawyer. Adoption does not limit the parents based on their gender because some states allow parents of the same gender to adopt kids. Single parents can also adopt.

Domestic violence to spouse or child is against the law of any state, and an edmonton criminal law attorney can help you with that.  The lawyers will help you to get a restraining order, file a lawsuit and get compensation for the medical expenses if the victim is the spouse.  After proving in court that you have reformed, the lawyers can help you obtain visitation rights to see your children. 

When the paternity of the child needs to be confirmed or denied, there are family lawyers who are specialized in these cases. You need the services of the family lawyer if you have been paying child support for a child who you come to realize later is not yours.  When you suspect that kids were switched at birth, hire a family attorney.


The lawyers will help you when it comes to child support and co-parenting plan.  The help divorced parents find appropriate co-parenting arrangements.  Hire the lawyer to help you negotiate with the ex-spouse the suitable parenting plan or the lawyer can represent you in court.  They will help you get the other partner to support the children even when you are not sharing the custody of the child. 

 Hire the lawyer to get full custody of the child if co-parenting is not effective.  When the ex-spouse puts the lives of the children in danger when the children are under their care in the shared parenting plan, you can hire a lawyer to get full custody of the children. Discover more at

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